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 TUBES  introduce their new VR 3D Galleries. The Tubes Artists Gallery is curated by Tubes Magazines Artists and Art Specialists. The 3D VR gallery scheduled development includes the purchase of a large space for group exhibitions.

 All Art can be sold from the gallery by direct links

Each exhibition has its own  catalogue published as a VR catalogue on the Tubes Gallery Collectors Page.

The catalogues are available Free on line And can be printed to order (min 10) for artists to send to their collectors.

IMPORTANT  NEWS…Soon to be introduced Artists can offer their Buyers a 12 month interest free credit plan.  This will be available to Art Lovers and Collectors an interest free payment arrangement.  BAA  (Buy Artists Art) is an exclusive arrangement between the Artist and TUBES to ensure way to make Art affordable and easy to buy direct from the Artist  – No fuss – instant Approval –  and immediate Funds Transfer to the Creator of the Art.

painters Tubes Magazine will  be mounting exhibition stands in all the World Art Exhibitions Limited & British Art Exhibitions future planned major shows in Cities and Towns throughout the UK, Europe and the USA during 2021 and 2022

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