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THE BLUE PATH an epic work project by the Artist and art Curator Denis Taylor. The VR Exhibition will be exhibited again as a Christmas special starting December 20th to January 2021. Sign limited editions are available please click here.

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The Winter of 2020 marks the 25th  anniversary of the creation of paintings that would become known as  the Blue Path.   It was an art exhibition that was first mounted in Stockholm Sweden and consisted of over 32 aquarelle paintings and a number of large oil paintings.  Signed Limited Editions are available by clicking here…

The Blue Path was exhibited three more times in the UK and Sweden, the last show was at Space 23 in 2007, Wellington House, New Islington, (old Ancoats Area of the inner City)Manchester, England.

The project came about when the artist had gone to Sweden from his Greek Studio to visit a friend on an extended trip. The friends rented an apartment in a village called Vaxholm,  which is about 45 minutes from the center of Stockholm, (Sweden’s capital).

Working as a full time artist on a Greek island for many years before that, it was the experience and delight of the Swedish archipelago light, the sea and the untouched nature that inspired the artist to start a major under-taking art project that was to last from 1994 to 1995 and transpire into several seminal paintings (i.e. Stepping Stones, 1996 and ‘Melt Down’ 2001) that became renown for their beauty, power and emotional content.

Following the example of how J.M.W Turner created his master work of watercolours, the artist buried himself in creating this unique narration of the archipelago islands only 45 mnutes from Stockholm. All the aquarelle paintings were created with a specific size and style (A3). The artists small kitchen table in the Vaxholm apartment would prove to be the ideal space to create this type of work.

Denis began the series with extensive walks around the island of Vaxholm,  making topographical sketches (just as Turner had done on his European tours). He wore headphones and played a specific type of music each time the artist ventured out into the stunning natural environment.  Not unlike Turner the artist painted four or five (at one sitting) whilst listening to the same music that the had sketched the topographical references. This concept was to utilise the ideas of Kandinsky (ref to Music and abstract painting). This was an experiment to see if the artists could transpose the subconscious feeling and atmosphere from reality to paint on paper. The aquarelle and the oil paintings are the results of this experiment which were the basis for the exhibitions from 1996 to 2007. All the work is sold (apart from one large oil painting Stepping Stones, available to acquire on  Fine Art America website). 

Painters Tubes magazine  are delighted to offer signed limited edition prints of selected paintings from the the Blue Path series as framed signed limited edition high quality giclee prints for: 2500 Swedish Krona each plus post and packing. (220 GBP or 280 USD) You can view the Blue Path paintings in the upcoming Exhibition in the Solo Gallery from the 28th October 2020. 

footnote: The name ‘Blue Path’ derives from the way the Swedish community Councils mark paths in the archipelago with a colour code. Yellow is a  a short walk. Green a medium walk and Blue a long walk. In 1994 the artist  followed a path marked out (on trees) with a blue circle of paint. Hence the name of the body of work. 

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25 year celebration, the Blue Path project 1995-2020

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