Acid Trip – the painting. Showing in painters TUBES gallery

Acid Trip goes up for Auction in 2022
1200mm x 600mm (4ft x 2ft) oil on masonite (oiled) board 1986 – 1988 by Denis Taylor

Acid Trip – the almost famous painting that has only been seen live twice (1989 exhibition in Chorley NW England, and 2007 in “this is Not a Chair” exhibition in the centre of Manchester (New Islingtion) will be auctioned off during 2022. The artwork created by Denis Taylor was the first painting that centred on the duality of reflections in water. This work, showing the Agecroft Power Station was de-commisioned in 1991 to 1993 and demolished in 1994. From 1925 it served the urban area of Manchester and beyond generating 100,000kw of electricity. It was a landmark on the borders bewteen two cities. Salford and Manchester.

The power station was opened by Alderman G. Billington in 1925 and originally operated by the Salford Corportation Electricity Department. The land which the Power Station stood was formly held by a Manor House, this was bought and shipped brick by brick and reassemled in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

The power station was coalfired and supplied by Agecroft Colliery which closed in March of 1991. The iconic Towers were finally brought down in May 1994. Agecroft Power station has very few visual records of the installation (there is one or two black and white photographs by a local photographer). However this painting is the most accurate and also includes the famous Victorian Bridge (built in 1847) which symbolises the industrial Revolution [in the painting]. This work also highlights issues concerning Acid Rain which (it is was said in the 1980’s) gathered from the UK over mainland Europe and damaged crops. Hence the artist named the work Acid Trip. The work was first entitled [in the 1989 exhibition] “Bobbins Power” – Bobbins being a Manchester colloquialism for ‘rotten’ sic: Bobbins of Cotton- rhyming slang, plus how the shape of the Towers resembled the ‘Bobbins’ which cotton thread was usually wrapped around.

The painting therefore has both history in itself and is imbuded with historical heritage and great interest to collectors of Northern English Artwork. It is painted in a semi-realistic manner with overtones of neo-impressionism, typical of the middle twentieth century new artists. The artist completed the work in his Greek studio in 1988- Here (some years later) a Greek version of Acid Trip was created – However this is a stand alone work of Art and illustrates the same subject which was located in the Konsani district of Macadonia. Here there are several power generating stations, built after WWII which are still operating today.

Acid Trip [Bobbins Power] is now showing in the Refections Exhibitions within the painters TUBES gallery exhibition Reflections (work from Manchester and Sweden) To visit the show please click on the logo below to Dates – Preview – 30 Dec 2021 – Public- 1st January 2022 to February 1st 2022

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