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This new exhibition is now open in two galleries – One in the Uk and one for Europe, USA and Canada. Here are the links to the galleries:

Visit Sense of Place Exhibition here

The work cover a three year period and shows Clare Thatcher’s fabulous and accomplished work. The theme of the show is ‘Sense of Place, and feelings of space’ which is a great title for this work. Based solely on Clare’s visits to various parts of the Uk and more recently Alaska, it is an exhibition not to be missed.

John Moores Prise Finalist in TAG new exhibition
“Feature of Landscape” Oil and Pigments on plywood panels. 1905mm x 1220mm ©2017 now in a Private Collection

Most of the work shown in TAG can be acquired by collectors. The painting above was featured in the John Moores Painting Prise exhibition, held in the rather wonderful Walker Gallery (and museum) in Liverpool City. A private collector quickly snapped this painting up. Clare has now joined Tubes Artists Gallery as an exhibiting member.

Superb new paintings by Artist Clare Thatcher. Her new solo exhibition is now open for viewing.

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