Excellent New Issue. Art..but not as we know it.

Excellent New Issue. Art..but not as we know it.

painters TUBES new issue

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extract from the article:

Since writing about digital art first in 2016 not much has changed in actual advancement in the process. What has changed is the ‘money’ connected to it. Recently a NFT “non-fungible token”  was sold for sixty nine million crypto dollars. The sale appeared as the new way forward to online art monetisation, but for everyone else, NFTs seem mostly like a high-tech way to part fools from their money.

However, NFT’s are now in full swing and it is an alternative to ‘normal’ methods of selling art on the web.

One or two digital art making practitioners and their supporters seemed to be going all out to persuade artists and perhaps exhibition audiences, that the time for making Art using pigments on a flat surface were numbered. In major high street galleries large screens exhibiting NFT’s (i.e. jpeg images of artworks created using digital assisted software) have featured in their front ‘high Street’ windows. To kick start the ‘attention’ even more some nationally recognised artists have destroyed their hand created work in public demonstrations. All in the name of the progressive NFT’s. In truth this was a well strategised PR stunt to draw attention to the digitisation of art and it’s value as a new capital investment.

“This is the way to go for artists of the future.” So they say, but only if you believe them as much as they believe that statement themselves. This marketing-of-art is nothing new to the obtuse world of contemporary art. When logic enters the NFT market, one realises that the millions are exchanged hands for what essentially is a jpeg file. The way for artists to sell their ‘art’ is a relative simple system. You create a digital wallet (on a blockchain system ) which allows you to sell your NFT. You then join a NFT Marketplace. You can and sell buy your art with crypto currencies, and then you connect your wallet to the marketplace. Artists can then upload their files and set up an auction or set a fixed price – and voila…you’re a digital artist. 

Will this replace real hand made art? I don’t think so, but you never know. Perhaps when all natural resources on the planet (pigments to make paint) are exhausted – then maybe it will?

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