Fantastic Retrospective for Steve Capper

Fantastic Retrospective for Steve Capper at the painters TUBES VR gallery -Visit the show by clicking here

Fantastic Retrospective for Steve Capper

Steve Capper is an English Artist who centres his focus on Northern English Landscape and Still Life paintings. Steve been creating unique art for many years. painters TUBES magazine were among the first to feature the artists work on a global level. This was only the third issue of the new specialists painters TUBES magazine in 2017.

The Editor of TUBES (Denis Taylor) visited Steve at his studio in Northern England in 2016 for a morning and an afternoon on one glorious sunny day and this issue narrates that story. At the turn of 2022 painters TUBES gallery have mounted a fantastic exhibition of Steve’s work covering the period of his art from 2016 to 2022.

Steve Capper attended the unique junior art school in Manchester. The School was the famous *Manchester High School of Art (1948 to 1984) for young gifted artists from the age of 11 years old to 18 years old. After this issue appeared and some years later the Editor of TUBES was asked to open the special exhibition at the Todmorden Museum and Art Gallery for a group of painters from the *MSoA. The exhibition entitled “The TEN of US” featured the Art from Ten artists who all students at the Manchester High School of Art and were enrolled in the same school year (Artists: Ted Bates, Reg Calvert, Steve Capper, Neil Cochrane, David Edwards, Phil Hughes, John McCoombs, Ron McSweeney, David Ralston and Harry Robertson)

Ten Exhibition at Todmorden Museum and Art Gallery
TUBES Editor opening “the Ten of us” Exhibition at Todmorden Museum and Art Gallery

Below is the issue which Steve is featured – This same issue also covers one of the North West England’s Legendary Gallery Owners (David Gunning) who has owned and run the high street Todmorden Fine Art Gallery for absolutely decades – Click the front cover to read this iconic issue of painters TUBES and read & view the art totally FREE – And if you would like a Printed Copy of this iconic rare issue of painters TUBES magazine – then please do use the form provided below the online VR magazine….

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painters TUBES issue #3 - Steve Capper/Dave Gunning
Printed version of this iconic issue: Price is £7 plus post and packing delivered from Manchester Central City UK to your Home

Did you know…Steve Capper was the best selling artist at Gateway Gallery, Hale Cheshire…Steve’s work is now available at the Cheshire Art Gallery, Bramhall Cheshire and at galleries dotted about the UK …Google Steve Capper Artist to find a gallery near you.

Did you know…Dave Gunning was the man who re-introduced the English master painter William. Ralph Turner to the Art Collecting community in 2003? Read the full story in this issue (#3)