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example of TUBES from 2017 featuring leading contemporary artists

Colin Halliday, Richard Fitton, Patrick Blower, Ian Norris

painters TUBES magazine


painters TUBES magazine featured four brilliant artists in this classic early issue of TUBES. One is Patrick Blower, famed as a cartoonist for the Telegraph in London (UK) but he is also known as an accomplished painter. Here is an extract from the article written by Denis Taylor, artist and editor of Tubes magazine.

“Politicians get drowned…by the wonderful seascapes of Patrick Blower”

Denis Taylor Editor of Tubes…. I often make trips to visit artists studios, sometimes unannounced, and very occasionally I am lucky to view some fantastic paintings, ones that are totally unexpected. This was the case in my recent visit to London and the Make Space Studios in Lambeth.

I’d gone there to catch up with Laurence Causse Parsley, another artist who was featured in issue #5 (Landscape..from Poussin to today). After we chatted for a while about her recent work, she gave me a guided tour of the large building which housed up to twenty artists or so.

Laurence escorted me round the labyrinth of corridors, gently tapping on various doors to introduce me to those artists that were behind them. It was one of those days wintery days in London, the kind that, if you need not venture out then it was better to stay in and watch You Tube videos. The skin-penetrating drizzle was driven by a biting wind, which was enough to put off most of the artists from journeying to Lambeth. However one of the artists that made the journey daily, rain or shine, was Patrick Blower. Laurence tapped on his door, and a voice shouted “come-in:”

As I walked into his studio his out-stretched hand was married with a broad smile, which immediately endeared me to him. I spoke a few a words to introduce myself, he reacted to my short personal  introduction with “You’re a Manc.” (sic: someone born in the City of Manchester, North West England, ‘Manc’ being a specific term to identify place of birth and specific culture). Patrick’s accent was soft, with a definite southern twang.

“ my head is in London, my heart is in Europe and my balls are somewhere over the North Sea.”.

His quick witted, almost caustic humour was however totally natural and inoffensive. It came as a surprise to me, to learn later, he was actually born in Brussels (1959) to a Belgian Mother and  a British Father.

He said to me that “ my head is in London, my heart is in Europe and my balls are somewhere over the North Sea.”… more


in the beginning there was Art it was called but it was Art nonetheless..


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