Great News painters TUBES magazine are moving to London England

Great News painters TUBES are moving to London England

Great News painters TUBES magazine are moving to London England…..yes that’s right, the whole painters TUBES platform i.e. painters TUBES magazine, painters TUBES gallery and Art-Reviews supplement publication are moving the main host server to London England from the Netherlands.

why and what does that mean?

In these days of Fast delivery websites it’s important to be centred where all the content can be delivered efficiently and accurately. And to an audience that has the publications language as a prime directive. painters TUBES is written and delivered in English, and our audience has English as a first or second language. That means our publications and galleries reach the USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as our main reading global public. Since joining the fabulous global platform (with over 27.4million subscribers) painters TUBES have increased our audience by over 45% and the traffic to our websites has seen a dramatic upturn. By centralising the host servers and employing the new technologies (Known as CDN’ sic: Content Delivery Network) it will enable distribution to be centred in most of the countries data centres locally and simultaneously. This will mean all our content across our platforms will be delivered at great speed on all readers and visitors devices.

how will it affect the Art Galleries loading times?

Sara Rossberg Art Exhibition on painters TUBES
The stunning art of Sara Rossberg one of the Three great exhibitions currently on show at painters tubes gallery – Click above to visit

It will affect our very popular VR galleries in a positive way, because they will be delivered to all devices at great speed…and with no-lag in the loading process of the exhibitions wether they are viewed in New York City, London or Paris. The Moving of painters Tubes platforms to London UK starts its journey on Monday 7th November and should be completed by 10th November. Painters TUBES continue to invest in our platform to perfect and improve our platforms and always delighted to bring the most talented contemporary painters to our large global audience.

More news to follow including: A new art gallery space and new upcoming features…join our network of Artists and benefit from free access to the Art Review and One month Free on complete the form below the following notice of TUBES current issue on mobile….

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