Tubes issue 15

Tubes issue 13

This is our 13th issue of TUBES, unlucky for some? Not really, we don’t don’t believe in luck here at painters TUBES magazine or at painters TUBES Artists Showcase Gallery. We make our own luck.  What we do believe in is Artists and painting as an Art Form. And in this issue there are some great artists and some super original paintings for you view.

And of course some really engaging articles and special essays, with a few strong opinions, all wrapped up in a beautifully designed magazine and a with a touch of art history included for good measure, expanding peoples knowledge and enjoyment, as is usual with paintersTubes magazine….issue #13 is a great issue and is not to be missed by art lovers and artists everywhere.

Tubes issue 14

It was an unexpected pleasure that brought Marianne and I to discover the paintings of Mirja. It was also an amazing coincidence that this Finnish born artist just happened to be painting in a studio not more that 40 kilometres from TUBES office in Sweden.

Gregory Evans  is an artist who chose his own path. His work is dynamic and constantly evolving. Not one to avoid challenges Gregory pushes the boundaries of style and content towards the new generation, it’s a pleasure to feature his work.

A trip to Tokyo in 2012 set artist and writer David Tycho on a course to explore the physical, formal, psychological and sociological elements of cities.  His work expresses his own ambivalent feelings towards cities, but he maintains that he is not preaching, only documenting his environment and leaving interpretation and/or judgment up to the viewer…..this is a brilliant painters TUBES magazine issue

Tubes issue 15

We are delighted to publish the excellent article, “Hieronymus Bosch, sweet dreams?” by Artist and Tubes writer Gregory Evans. We have divided this extensive article into two parts. Part One is released in this issue. With Part Two to be published in painters TUBES #17. 

Artist and Tubes editor Denis Taylor, has contributed with the essay “creating with pixels or pigments…what’s the difference?” – This essay will also feature artists who incorporate digital painting into their discipline….super issue with artists from the USA, Europe ad the UK.

painters TUBES magazine – issue 13, 14 and 15

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