painters TUBES Magazine great issue with 60 pages of Abstract Art

painters TUBES fabulous new issue
Andrew Smith in his studio

TUBES Magazine great New issue 60 pages of Abstract Art by leading contemporary painters.

This new brilliant issue of painters Tubes magazine not only features some of the most gifted painters of abstract painting. This issue also has an article written by the Editor on a selected number of Master Artists. These include, Georeges Mathieu, Mark Tobey, Pierre Soulages, Nicolas DeStael, Hans Hartung and Andrew Forge. These works are a cross pollination of twentieth century poets, art critical thinkers, academics and practising artists, have all contributed to what we now consider as Abstract painting.

An understanding of abstract art and it’s development is probably impossible without first tracking its development from 1905 onwards. The objective selecting these master painters is to give the reader the base-line for the ‘visual reasoning’ behind abstract creation as an art form. 

Following the main article, contemporary painters are highlighted, Andrew Smith, Clare Thatcher, Alan Clement Evans, David Tycho, Rebecca Rowell, Newel Hunter, Amanada Oilphant and Yehan Wang, and Barbara Hope Steinberg to name a few.

Visit an exhibition by Barbara Hope Steingberg by clicking here

painters TUBES gallery are delighted to show an exclusive series of paintings by Barbara Hope Steinberg, the renowned, abstract painter. The artist is exhibiting work never shown before.

The catalogue gives detailed information about the work and an overveiw of the concepts wbehind the work. The catalogue also has a full list of work available, sizes, and a guide of the paintings value which will be of serious interest to art collectors as the work is being offered direct from the artists studio.

Below: notes from the Editor of painters TUBES magazine about the article in the new issue

Denis Taylor. Artists Writer and Editor of Painters TUBES magazine

“…as an artist of some longevity, it is quite natural for me to have read volumes about Art over the last 30 years or so, as no doubt many fellow artists have also done. It is only when refreshing one’s own knowledge and discovering even more  recorded statement from the artists themselves, perhaps now forgotten or missed, that we can all realise the extent of how exactly modern Art developed over 5 decades, and how only a handful of artists propelled that development.

A certain amount of necessary ‘omissions’ had to be considered to reduce the feature to a readable length. Some of these edits’ consisted of whole movements and/or groups of artists who pursued a varied form of abstract painting like the more ‘known’ artists of the twentieth century. i.e. the Cobra Group, German Expressionists, Gestural abstraction, Kinetic art, Minimalism etc have been edited out to some degree. However, it is probable that these ‘types’ of abstraction will be covered by painters TUBES at a later date.”

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