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Painters TUBERS recent release is the Review of 2019 to 2020 magazines. The ten issue cover some great art and artists – the Very best has been selected by painters TUBES for your free viewing.

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Below is an extract from the Introduction of the review.

We were and still are, locked up and metaphorically moribund to one place of existence. And whilst all this non-movement is highly restrictive, the digital world expanded at a rate that has been unprecedented. 

Here at painters TUBES magazine we had long planned (about 10 years) to launch a Virtual Reality presence. That of course started with our wonderful flip magazine platform and grew into the first steps into Virtual Reality Showcase Gallery. Of course we kept our toe in the real world and maintained printing TUBES issues with an almost religious fervour. 

“Print and be dammed.”

Totally undersubscribed printed magazine from a standing start, and to a lesser extent that lack of un-subscriptions continues at the same low level today, which means in a practical sense, that painters Tubes magazine sponsors itself (i.e. that we loose money on every edition we print).

But as the Founder and the Editor it has been my conviction to “Print Magazines and be dammed.”  and Keep the Online Magazine Free to Read  – at all costs – in the tradition of a sort of crazy publishing self proclaimed un-changeable edict of a lunatic. 

Print and Free Online orthodoxy

We even tried the ‘Donations’ model and received less than a handful of givers – That amounted to  disappointment but that outcry proved a point – people have come to expect that all Art (and it seems all Art publications) should be Free at the point of delivery online.  Illogical that attitude maybe, and now I have to admit it will be the end of TUBES if we persist with this model.

The number of times we discussed (behind closed doors) of withdrawing from the Print and Free Online orthodoxy were numerous. And my courage to keep piling money into a useless cause became to be seen by my fellows as not only foolish but a totally idiotic – I agreed because art principles and artistic ethics are always very costly to someone. That was a constant answer to the accusations of gross [business-sense] negligence that have been directed at me as the sole owner of TUBES.

I eventually caved in to keep the Print Publication alive, as it was a case of Printed Version to be Scrapped or Online to become the source of our much needed funding. I voted for the later rather than the former. Printed magazines will be £60 per annum for the new 88 page magazine published 4 times a year, that’s 352 pages (one for every day of the year) of unique content and excellent Art.

This Special issue will be the last FREE Online TUBES magazine

As of issue #21 readers can buy the any  painters Tubes  magazine from our very first issue  (issue #1) to the most recent issue online published for a single payment of £2 per issue.

Below the Wild Beasts – ISSUE #18 now online click here to read FREE

painters TUBES magazine new issue 18

We are very proud  to announce that  painters TUBES is, as of the First of January, an official registered Brand. Our certificate will be published on our website as soon as we receive it.

 This registration opens up our platform(s) to a more secure global audience than ever before. We shall be rationalising our platforms and bringing them closer together as one major Brand and continue to grow as an influential  player on the global digital marketplace.

Thank you all for your support be that practical, physical or metaphorical and for those that gave far more than good wishes, we truly give You our heart felt thanks. 

I personally wish you all,  a very good New Year.

Denis Taylor

Artist. Founder and  Editor

 painters TUBES® 2021

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paingters TUBES magazine supporting the re-start art project
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painters TUBES magazine issue 19. 2018 to 2020 reviewed

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