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Painters TUBES. More than an Art Magazine for 2021

paingters TUBES magazine supporting the re-start art project

Because of the big desease with a little name…confidence in the future took a nosedive across the whole of society in the UK in 2020. The machinery of money-making rested in the financial industry in the main and in most cases, other business activity went full-on digital. Working from home became the norm. Here at TUBES we are fully behind the re-Start Project that TAG-TUBES and World Art Exhibitions are collaborating with to reignite the Future of Art…click here for details.

The 2021 issue (#21) will be the first new issues that have over 88 advert free pages. The unique specialist renown publication known as TUBES, is now to be published four times a year and will incorporate the TAG (Tubes Artist Gallery) Showcase. Reviews on each and Virtual Reality exhibitions that are mounted in the Tubes Artists Gallery in the UK and USA.

As of January 2021 Tubes will become a ‘subscribe only’ publication Print and Online with the availability to access 32 online back copies of both Tubes, TAG and the Artists Catalogues produced from 2016 to 2020. TAG publication and Showcase will be integrated into the main magazine.

Facebook and Instagram Social Media Outlet – Tubes and TAG are separated on two individual accounts on both Facebook and Instagram as of January 1st these will be merged into one – and will carry the flagship painters Tubes Magazine.

Branded Register As of 30th December- painters TUBES® is an official magazine registered brand. The publication will be distributed on the Tubes HTML5 Flip Magazine Platform until 2022. From February 2021 TUBES will also be distributed by Pocket Magazines for the UK, USA and selected European Countries (Sweden, Denmark and Finland) plus Norway.


The high quality Aret will continue to be sought after and published in the magazine. And painters Tubes are proud to be exclusive publishers of the writers Spike (art critic) and Paul Constantine, art philosopher, invited Artists Writers and Poems from the Art Community. Photography is also introduced in the New TUBES for 2021. Artists information on market prices, auctions and international shows will also frequent the pages of TUBES. International Artists are to be featured with in-depth analysis of their work. Exciting new artists will also be introduced to the TUBES magazine readers. A new section of some of the best High Street Galleries from the UK, USA and the EU are also to be featured.

Artists can send examples of work via instagram, facebook, twitter, or email the editor direct on:

2021 is the Year where the whole framework of Society needs to rebuilt and restructured to overcome the ravages of the pandemic.

painters TUBES magazine are proud to rise to challenge and help with the rebuilding process for a new better future for Art and Artists.

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in the beginning there was Art it was called but it was Art nonetheless..
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Painters TUBES. More than an Art Magazine in 2021

Painters Tubes Magazine

painters TUBES® Is a registered Trade Mark. painters TUBES is a specialist art magazine. An Art Gallery (VR) A design and production Company for Artists Catalogues. Curators of Artists Exhibitiomns Solo and Group. painters TUBES® are consultants for Artists projects.

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