Expanded Two room exhibition Hall for Tubes Artists Gallery

Tubes have added another two room gallery to accommodate 50 artists with the opportunity to increase the space for over 70 artists for group shows, small fairs and Year End exhibitions for Art School and Art Academies. The space (part of which is show above) has 4 meter ceilings and enough floor space to place sculpture, a facility painters TUBES galleries have wanted for some time. The gallery can also show videos and other forms of artistic installations.

Enjoy the Exhibitions Full Screen

From a visitor viewpoint the exhibitions can be enhanced by Artist or curator comments that play automatically as the visitor approaches any specific painting. The new TUBES VR gallery is obviously best enjoyed on a full screen setting on a laptop or a desktop (or iPad or Slate). However for quick views any other device can be employed.

painters TUBES® are delighted to be the sponsors for all the Catalogues which are written, designed and produced by Studio 5 Sweden. Every exhibition will be afforded a 28 page catalogue or for more complex exhibitions a 52 page catalogue both will be published on Tubes VR Magazine Platforms (a flip magazine html5 platform).

Upcoming Exhibitions

painters TUBES feature on the Heart 2 Art Exhibition - Denis Taylor and Mona Shalin

First up is the Fiddlers Ferry Art Project 2020-2021 with paintings from the Constructing the Mersey Gateway Bridge project 2015 to 2019 opening 6th February. The catalogue is published below. The artists are Shaun Smyth (paintings) and Lee Harrison (photographer). The exhibition is a Preview for a major exhibition at the Warrington Museum (Cheshire UK) in the early summer of 2021.

The Second Exhibition shows 40 paintings selected from the Best of Six TAG showcase publications (from #1 to #6). See below for the catalogue. THIS SHOW OPENS 15th FEBRUARY


issue #19 now published

painters TUBES magazine new issue out now

painters TUBES magazine have now published issue #19 which is an end of year review of ten Tubes issue. The content is well worth reading as it covers two seasons of interviews, articles and features on some of the best contemporary art seen on the web or in high street galleries.

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painters TUBES® more than a magazine
painters Tubes New Gallery Space for 50 Artists in 2021

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