Rags to Riches. A new fabulous painters Tubes magazine issue

Rags to Riches is a new fabulous issue now on readly.com. About the Russian Advant Garde (Rags) and the affect the American Abstract Expressionists (the Riches)

This new issue is a spring special with 60 pages dedicated to the story of the Russian Avant Garde. Orginal (edited) content from the 1983 Catalogue of the first complete RAG exhibition that was mounted in Stockholm Modern Museum in 1983. The paintings were all from the George Costakis Exhibition.

The second part of the magazine talks about how the European’s affected the the thought process of their American fellow abstract painters and how they forced themselves to be exhibited by the American Art Extablishment – This was the period when Artists worked together and shared ideas and new forms of thinking surround Art creation – a truly revolutionary period in both Russia and the United States.

TUBES new issue Rags to Riches

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Now Online 5th May 2023

April Issue TUBES Rags to Riches