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Extact from the article….The power of putting hand to surface, of making marks, is truly a magical thing. Its this miraculous activity that mimics what it is the gods do, it’s how we create. An idea becomes a real thing when the hand is the conductor for translation of two seemingly disparate worlds; the world of the non-physical (the realm of the imagination), and the material world. From time to time, an artist appears on this earth that has no hesitation to express this magic to its fullest, to expose a reality that few, if any, would ever see otherwise.Hieronymus Bosch is such an artist. All things considered, Bosch was certainly one in a long tradition of those who have risked more than most of us would dare in expressing their magic and their vision in what used to be quite a small world.

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Art history essay by Gregory Evans  on Hieronymus Bosch. Denis Taylor and Spike writes about digital painting, featuring Edward Sawyer, Hans Reefman, Howard Brink, and Yehan Wang. Introducing Nouiri Mohamed artist from Morocco. Project Fiddlers Ferry, Shaun Smyth and Lee Harrison.  Printed and online art magazine –

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