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A brief History of Virtual Reality Art Gallery for painters TUBES

TUBES artists gallery first researched Virtual Reality Art Galleries in 2007. At that time the world of the VR art gallery was in its infancy. The software was  derived from the same code that was originally written for computer games. However the results were somewhat ‘clunky,’ as the processing power inside most people’s PC’s could provide smooth transitions. And smooth transitions is the key to ensuring that VR Art Galleries would be seen as a serious player in the contemporary art public market and the contemporary art world.

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The Tubes Artists Gallery for Solo Shows one of the first on a new spaces from painters TUBES

As time and code and processing power improved dramatically. The code writers for VR Art Galleries became more adventurous. Painters TUBES followed several companies and encouraged them by purchasing the new VR spaces.  One of the first to be recognised as providing an acceptable public VR platform was based in New Zealand. The fact that they were Artists helped with the design of the spaces they launched in early 2012. Painters TUBES was on the front foot to secure the space for the planned expansion of painters TUBES magazine. Tubes became a new interactive showcase for painters.

New Exhibition in Tubes artists gallery
The Series of paintings Gallery for groups or one man shows in Tubes Artists Gallery

From 2017 to 2019 painters TUBES mounted and curated a number of VR shows. One in particular secured a bricks and mortar exhibition in a public Museum & Art Gallery for two artists. By late 2019 painters TUBES became convinced that VR Art Galleries would play an important role in the promotion of accomplished artists and as a showcase for gifted painters who had not had an opportunity for their work to seen by a global audience. Painters TUBES magazine, since before 2015 was  attracting huge online readers in a bi-monthly publication. By 2020 that audience was over 150,000 p.a. with readers in the UK, the USA and the Northern states in Europe.

Fiddlers Ferry Preview exhibition in Tubes Artists Gallery
The large Heritage Gallery for special project exhibitions

With the prospect of the expansive marketplace opening further due the ‘pandemic’ conditions in 2020, painters TUBES magazine commissioned a code writers in Europe to create a space which was to reflect painters TUBES Skandinavian influenced design principles. And also to indicate the office physical location of TUBES in Sweden. Visit this gallery to view fabulous paintings is presented in the new pupose designed space of painters TUBES gallery

Barbara Hope Steinberg new exhibition of abstract paintings
painters TUBES new flag ship purpose designed gallery