TUBES magazine isssue 14

issue #14 read free on line by  clicking here


new TUBES issue
 painters TUBES magazine issue #14 – Great feature on Urban Art written by two accomplished artists. Plus three master painters artworks, not to be missed.



a fictional story written in serial form by the editor of  painters TUBES magazineProtos Loophole - a story written in serial form on line

to read the editors fictional story (in serial form) click here:

Tubes Artists gallery

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tubes issue 14- free to read on line

Painters Tubes

Art specialist magazine for contemporary artists and art collectors. Designed, produced in Sweden. Published online and in print. TAG with the website is the showcase and catalogue publication arm of painters TUBES magazines. Both publications work closely with artists, galleries and art institutions to bring contemporary painting to the forefront of the attention of the world wide cultural networks.

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