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Don’t forget you can acquire Clare Thatchers paintings on a 12 month interest free payment plan. Below is an extract from the introduction to the exhibition

I have known Clare’s work for a while, her originality, attention to detail and discipline of practice is something to be admired. When I suggested to the Tubes team that we feature her in the early TAG catalogue styled showcase publications (before Tubes opened the VR gallery) it was a no-brainer to put her marvellous work – “Feature of Landscape” on the front cover of TAG#5
This work weighed in at: 1905mm x 1220mm (75 inches x 48 inches) and was created with oil and pigments on plywood panels 2017 – The painting was one of the outstanding works in the Moores Painting Prize exhibition at the Walker in Liverpool. An astute serious art collector soon snapped it up.

Throughout this catalogue I shall be filing in the blanks about Clare her background in Art, but more important is the work itself. It is rare that I become more and impressed with an artists work as I process the images through the TUBES system – This processing which for our team is technical and needed for both the Gallery and the catalogue production allows time to get really close to the images. This is one of the great advantages of the VR gallery – you can literally see every brush mark and at various angles.

Denis Taylor
Artist, writer and Curator

This show has now closed. Watch the video of the exhibition below

The work covered a three year period and shows Clare Thatcher’s fabulous and accomplished work. The theme of the show is ‘Sense of Place, and feelings of space’ which is a great title for this work. Based solely on Clare’s visits to various parts of the UK and more recently Alaska. Below is the catalogue from the Exhibition


All of the work shown in the galleries and the catalogue can be acquired by collectors. Visit Clare Thatcher Studio and BUY her work whilst it is available for the artist DIRECT Please click here.
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