Visionary new exhibition on painters TUBES gallery Oct-to-Dec 2022

visionary new exhibition

Visionary new exhibition on painters TUBES gallery Oct-to-Dec 2022 . This is a large exhibition in two rooms on painters TUBES gallery showing 41 works of art. The artist, Barbara Hope Steinberg, has created a marvelous series of work that gives the viewer a trip over two years through the Pandemic Years. These work are abstract, but not abstract expressionist in the artworld sense of that genre. They are conceptual in eavery sense. The title of each painting gives the meaning the experiences of Lock-Up’ and not in the negative. but rather in an introspective standpoint. The show have four seperate Audio files which the artist recorded during the process. Each audio is clickable and sets the viewer a base line from which to explore the art.

Here the artist talks about the concept for the show.

Barbara Hope Steinberg

In Time of Plague – the concept explained by the Artist.

There are, of course, artists whose work is totally divorced from any influence from the outside world. Equally, there are those who work only in response to that world. But many of us, including me, inhabit the uneasily shifting country between the two. Everything around us influences us. At the same time, we are who we are, individuals with differing histories and concerns. The work then becomes a third place, a new thing formed from the conjunction of inside and outside.

Though my work is abstract, I have always seen it as a kind of landscape, the interior landscape of dream and emotion. And, like all landscapes, mine change in response to the outside world: Sometimes they are battlegrounds, sometimes Arcadia’s. They alter with the seasons and times of day. My own fears and joys inform them, but so do those of the world around me. And, somehow, one tries to resolve all these experiences in an arrangement of colour and line. The paintings from ‘In Time of Plague’ embodied this complexity. The pandemic overshadowed and defined all our lives. We all lived and, to an extent, still do in its shadow.

Very soon, this shadow entered my work, and then became its subject and essence. Even confronted by such a world-changing event, one remains oneself. There were many things concerning me before the pandemic began, and these concerns remained. As a woman growing older, I had long been interested in the contrast between death and ageing and youth and desire. I had also observed how, mostly unconsciously, we see this contrast in our passage through the physical world its light and darkness, heat and cold. These concerns were not overwhelmed by that of the pandemic; if anything, they were intensified.

My job was somehow to describe this in colour and line, so that the viewer could participate in my vision and possibly, in that way, give some other meaning to his own experience. The paintings from ‘In Time of Plague’ are the result of this effort. It is up to the viewer to decide whether they succeed

Barbara Hope Steinberg. Abstract Painter.


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