who and what is TAG?

TUBES magazines and World Art Exhibitions Join Forceswho and what is TAG ?

TAG-tubes artists gallery

Tubes Artists Gallery – showcase number 3

Tubes Artists Gallery Publications (TAG) was created by painters TUBES magazine as a secondary publication. It’s purpose was to provide a direct gallery showcase for the artists who joined the Tubes Artists Group on Facebook. The initial issue (#1) was designed along the same lines as the main magazine. The next issue was modified to give TAG a cleaner look. But it was TAG#3 that the publication really came into it’s own. The sleek and contemporary design really caught on with readers, artists, art collectors and commercial galleries. And issue #3 was the highest read TUBES publication or showcase in 2019.

Today TAG is now the magazine and catalogue for the World Art Exhibitions. TAG will be available in all WAE exhibitions. Next exhibition is is at the  Barton Arcade, in Manchester City Centre. MANCHESTER 2020 April World Art Exhibitions and British Art Exhibitions have scheduled eight pop-up  exhibitions starting in Manchester September 2020.  Book your space by going to: https://www.worldartexhibitions.co.uk/

In between time here is the list of accomplished artists that Tubes selected to exhibit their work for our international readers and art collectors.

TAG#1  includes: Marta Kisiliczyk, Brian Cote, Alison Tydlesly, Preben Saxild, Karen Wise, Philip Westcott, Arista Alanis, Paul Browne, Pauline Rignall and Steve Capper.

TAG#2  includes: Shirley Fletcher, Clare Thatcher, Denis Taylor, Gregory Evans, Malcolm Taylor, Gerry Halpin, Ron Coleman, Chris Oddie and Arwyn Quick.

TAG 4-Tubes artists gallery

Front cover and back cover – painting by Liz Doyle.


TAG#3 includes: Anthony Barrow, Cherie Grist, Claire McCarthy, Claudia Araceli, David Bez, Jocelyn Roberts, Malcom Dobbins, Martin David and Ron Etherington.

TAG#4 includes: Liz Doyle, David Eastens, Shahin De Heart, Riccardo Vitiello, Myfanwy Williams, Ian Fallace, Liz Cleaves, Paul McCloskey, Volker Mayr, Kelvin Harvey and Peter Murray.Below

TAG#5 includes: Clare Thatcher, Charles T Maher, Jane Deach, John Lamonby, Carl Longmate, Nina Stallwood, Robert Twigg, Lindi Kirwin and Nick Moore.


LINK TO TAG#5 CLICK HERETAG-tubes artists gallery



TAG-TUBES.COM is the new space for an exciting  3D VR GALLERY – The inaugural Exhibition is to demonstrate to Artists this new venue, how it works, how it is navigated and what it involves.

TUBES is delighted to be the first ARTS PUBLICATION to ingrate a Gallery where artists can SELL and SHOW their work to a global audience to become a member of the gallery go to the new webspace which is located at : tag-tubes.com